BoundingBox Gizmo Rotation calculation & Dragging along axis

I have 2 questions which might sound naive.
Firstly, I have created a BoundingBox gizmo with MakeNotPickableAndWrapInBoundingBox property.
I would like to know the number of degrees the bounding box has rotated when I rotate it with my poiner device. This, I think has to do with quaternions and I never understood them :slight_smile:

Here is the playground

Secondly I would like to know if the BoundingBox gizmo can be set so that it can be dragged on XYZ axis.

Pinging @trevordev


You can always convert to euler angles for easy to read rotation values

and to enable dragging pointerDragBehavior (Use Mesh Behaviors (eg. dragging) - Babylon.js Documentation) can be used