Brainstorm game ideas

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I just want to start this thread where everybody can brainstorm or criticize game ideas, tbh it is going to help those with developers block like me hahaha…


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I suspect people will keep their best ideas to themselves :wink: but here’s some little ideas for simple Babylon.js 3D games I thought might be cool …


Basically checkers/draughts but supporting 3 players on a hexagonal or six pointed star board. Each player token would be a UFO shape and jumping another player’s UFO token would be depicted like an FTL jump to a different star system (thus the name “StarJump”), vanquishing the other player’s token into a black hole or wormhole. Simple/known game mechanic, but the theme affords lots of opportunity for lovely Babylon.js eye candy, particles and other special effects.


No idea exactly how this game mechanic would work or if it’d be any fun, but I think it’s unique. Basically the player is on a fractal or Fibonacci spiral path and must make a simple left, right or straight decision at exactly the right time to continue the fractal pattern or Fibonacci spiral. Those decisions and reactions must become faster and faster as the level progresses and they delve deeper into infinite recursion. Could stand on its own as a concept or be paired with a multiplayer racing game mechanic, adding obstacles and the like.

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whooa!! these are great ideas, definitely digging the Spiralise!!!

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so what if we have an impostor checkers moving around…waiting to devour other checkers!

this is definitely from the game called ‘among us’ :smile: