The Chicken and Egg

Hello Fellow Babylonians,

I’ve been diligently working on BabylonBurst, leveraging BabylonJS to build a RTS utilizing C++ and WebAssembly. You can learn more about it here.

My background is in professional game development, but building this game has posed its unique set of challenges. I am passionate about propelling this game idea forward more rapidly, but accomplishing this solo has been intense!

I find myself in a chicken-and-egg conundrum; acquiring funding and help seems feasible with a robust demo, yet developing a demo is extremely difficult without adequate funding. To add to the complexity, I envision the profits from this game (and any subsequent ones) contributing to meaningful causes.

Currently, I am working to create a basic demo that adequately portrays my vision, but progress has been slow. My goal is to not only materialize my concept but also to create a foundation that serves the greater good.

I am reaching out to the community to inquire if anyone has travelled a similar path or has insights or advice on managing such a venture. How can one expedite the development process, especially when the aim is to merge innovation with philanthropy?

Any thoughts, experiences, or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you in advance for your valuable input.

I loved your other thread and what you are trying to build !!! I agree it is a lot and I am sorry I do not have plenty of advice on this front as I did not follow the same journey. On another hand @Deltakosh might have nice advice knowing his creator background and the way he handled large OSS projects.

Haha you are kind Seb:)

I’m not sure ai can provide something meaningful but from what I saw in various VC meetups, the demo has to be good enough so the investors won’t have to imagine things (they have bad imagination:))

Thanks both! I think I will just have to keep going down the road I am for the moment! Hopefully I will be able to get something together and generate some interest in the future!

Good to know that others think its worthwhile, helps a lot in the hard times! :slight_smile:

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