Brand New Documentation!

We have decided not to officially translate the doc page to any other language, mainly due to time constraints. We will be happy to work with whoever wants to translate it thou!

We changed some documents already, but not major change is planned at the moment. We will make constant changes to the documents, mainly due to mistakes or updates, but the structure will, in general, stay the same.

And I am very glad to read that :slight_smile:

By the true i always afraiding of UI change and usually for me is hard to get used to the new interface. BUT it is not that case because i start to use new documentation and understand…This is much more useful and simple then it was)) Thanks for all developers who took part in new doc creation!


I can see that. And I shall thank you all for your commitment (on behalf of the ‘digital community’ and soon to come ‘the digital citizens/humanity’. We need you, guys. Just hold on and continue the great work :guardsman:

I think we (all) can make a difference between ‘plain english language’ as code language (which is a result of multilateralism and, in fine, helps us with understanding, control/governance and global communications/exchanges VS the ‘english’ language that carries along a culture, other tenants and eventually an inclination towards an ideology (and then eventually, one you do not adhere to).
I think ‘plain english code’ and ‘open sources’ are our best option today to 1) keep control, 2) unite/debate and 3) make sure we all understand the same thing. Also note: I would have loved to learn chinese (and about 130 other languages) but sadly, I never found the time to do that :man_student:

Edit: Did I mention that english is not my language. My languages are FR and DE, and not enough of IT for a swiss citizen;) and with just low- to average- knowledge of ES, PT, NL, DU, SV. In conclusion, I think translating ‘the frame/walkthrough’ of the doc is sure a ‘nice to have’, but I don’t see it as essential (or a ‘must have’). I also think that, if it was to be done, it should be done with both ‘care’ and ‘expertise’ (and not just ‘rushed’ in immediate response to some comment). Again, in my opinion only.

The playground search will be visually improved soon. This is just a placeholder. It should actually provide the same results as before, I can check why it doesn’t :blush:



It would be possible that the center of the page takes 100% of the page in width. As can be seen in the photo, there is empty space unused. This would reduce the length of the page.

And enlarging the text by 2px would make it more readable. There it is slightly small.

Thank you in advance

Yes, text is slightly smaller than it should be for comfortable reading.
body {font-size:1rem} will do the trick (currently 0.875rem)

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Nice new way of navigating through the doc’, well done! +1 for the examples integration, great idea.

I think that coloring the header with logo red color make the design more “happy”, but tastes and colors… :blush:

I can handle the update of the page Contribute To The Documentation | Babylon.js Documentation, but first few questions:

  1. after npm install, the file package-lock.json is created and want to be commited, do we need to put this in .git-ignore?
  2. then I ran npm run build, it looks like running fine (most of url issues are, I think, due to the use of uppercase, example: a link to resources/Maya instead of resources/maya:

    but in the old version, we had to use npm run serve so as to navigate locally in the doc, but it looks like it’s no more used, what command should we use now?

The website uses yarn and not npm, so it is very recommended to not use npm to install the dependencies (because then that happens :slight_smile:

yarn run dev (or npm run dev, after using yarn to install the dependencies). Should be documented in the readme file. if it isn’t, let me know.

It was actually designs with 100% width in mind, but there was an issue submitted that it is not readable when 100%. Hence, max width was set.

Sure, I will experiment with it and see what I can do. I find 1rem a bit too big for a content page, but we’ll find a common ground :slight_smile:

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I did not understand very well. If it is not 100% readable, increasing the size of the text would adjust the readability, right?
Currently the text is already small, it is currently not comfortable the size of the text which is 80%, could it not be increased to 100%. I’m not sure I understand the problem with page width and text size?

Here is a previous discussion on readability in the old docs

I never said I have a problem with it. All I said was that this exists - Define a max width · Issue #5 · BabylonJS/Documentation · GitHub , and for a reason :slight_smile:

I have no problem increasing the font size, and as I said, I will experiment a bit to make sure it all works as expected

Sorry RaananW, I confirm that I really did not understand. I thought you said it was normal.

Woops sorry, I hadn’t take a look on it, 'will check this soon!

Not gonna beat around the bush, these docs are tough to use. There is just so much visual noise and it seems like a bunch of info is missing or was removed?

image this little logo blocking items on the menu bugs the shit out of me too.

Just read that @RaananW is working on it though, so I’m sure this will all be taken care of!

Nothing was lost :slight_smile:

@Deltakosh I did notice some dead links let me see if I can find them again. Also when reading the SPS docs it seemed like a lot was not there anymore.

Content moves pages and was restructured. The getting started is different, so is creating meshes and some other documents. If you find dead links we will be very happy to fix them or find out what happened to them.

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Please help us by filling issues here:

@RaananW is working days and nights to make it great

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I do like the new search stuff though, good work buddy.

It is easier to find what you need for sure.