Documentation page overhaul

Hello fellow Babylonians!

The documentation page has gone through a restructure to make it easier to navigate and to get started with babylon.

The work was done with the great help of @JohnK - thank you so much for the input and hard work! Your restructure ideas and initial branch were instrumental to the final result.

Older URLs will be automatically redirected to the new ones, so there is no need to update your URLs in older posts.

As always, we will be happy to get feedback for the new structure. It is easier to find the pages? is it harder? Is something not working as expected?

CC @PirateJC :slight_smile:


@RaananW the work you have done on reorganising the layout of the content will make it much easier to know what goes where when contributing.

Brilliant piece of work,


I want to second the praise for @JohnK !

John your energy, knowledge, and passion for helping people learn Babylon.js is second to none and this entire community is deeply grateful to you!

Thank you for helping us all learn! The docs are what they are today because of your incredible efforts!


Hey there , thanks for always working to make things better , I decided to quickly test a page , so I search babylonjs texture in google then opened this page :

In the first card of the content I see a link , :

Which is a “page not found” currently. Just thought I would point it out in case it is a bug you are unaware of.


Yes, yes, yes :heart_eyes:
Thank you that you take into account our opinions. Well done guys!

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i’ll see what happened there. thanks!!

Keep on bringing those, we’ll solve them all :slight_smile:

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