Broken google URL in lowercase

Hi !

I just wanted to report a weird behavior, when I’m searching on google directly documentation on BabylonJS classes the given link are broken.
The url link from google are in lowercase for example :
Which won’t work and the page won’t be found.
However the correct link will be :

This is a bit tricky for now to find quickly the class doc we are searching for.


I’m on it! Thanks a lot

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I also have one for you. In this section, the link to coordinate mode is wrong. Where it is correct just a few lines above in the same section.
Actually, every now and then I find one. Lazy me do not always report :wink: :grinning:
Isn’t there a way to quickly search through these broken links in order to make an overall fix?
I believe most appeared after reorganizing the doc with the launch of v5, yes?

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this is the same issue, and i am working on a global solution