Unusual Babylon.js Google search results - SEO

Probably nothing to worry about but I just thought I’d report it as it’s unusual. For the first time a Babylon.js Google search of mine didn’t result in either Babylon.js doc pages or forum posts being in the topmost results. Actually no doc page shows up at all even though there’s a blend modes doc page.

Must’ve just been a temporary Google glitch as it’s working as expected now:

Let s still monitor as I was pretty scared for a sec :slight_smile:

This same thing happens to me more often than it doesn’t. I’ve started just searching for the API stuff in the on-site search box.

@RaananW might have a look after his break, I was hoping so much it would be only a temp issue :frowning:

I am constantly monitoring the doc page’s results and haven’t experienced that. Sadly google results are different per user, so it is very hard for me to specifically check the results you are getting. For example, this is what I get:

I will monitor it more carefully, thanks a lot for reporting this!