Browsing internet within WebXR/VR scene

Hi Babylonians,
Is there a way to access web pages for examples like my gmail account in order to read my emails from inside a WebXR scene ? I would like to access my emails, google docs etc., from within my VR environment.
Any possible approach ?

Unfortunately not at the moment for security reasons, but @RaananW might have more info in case this is planned?

Almost think this topic should be move to off-topic, but there was some kind of virtual desktop / office thing. I never did it, so don’t know if it did email, but think doing this inside of a BJS scene, inside of a browser, is going to be inferior to an app designed for this.

Ok thanks. I will try to find out if it can be done using A-frame or Mozilla Hubs.

@Dan it is a browser limitation not a framework one here unfortunately.

Oh ok I see … tnx !

Found it

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