Brushed metal texture

Hi community,
can anyone here help me to create a brushed metal texture in babylon js ?? I’m struggling with it.

Hi and welcome to the Community,

May be you could share with us an example similar to your goal? Fact is that, beyond the tech, there’s a large part of ‘design’ to it. From realistic to painted/brushed and god knows what :grin:.

For now, I’d say, in essence, a brushed metallic texture should be based on a PBR or PBR metallic material. For the brushed (vs polished) FX, I’d say the use of a channel for a metallicRoughness texture would be appropriate. This way, you can change metallic/roughness to reflect polished (highly reflective) and brushed parts (rougher and less reflective).
Also, the use of a bump/normal texture will accentuate the FX by adding dimension to the strays.

Again, welcome to the community and, while waiting for a PG or a screenshot/example for further input (and may be a base we could provide), I shall wish you a great day :sunglasses:


can you share any playground

I wouldn’t know what to share. As I said, it’s depending on ‘design’.
Best would be you share at least a picture/screenshot similar to what you want to achieve and from there I believe we could quickly illustrate a base you could use.
Else, may be someone has one at hand… I don’t know.

Your first port of call is probably Adobe Substance painter, you can probably also set something up using Blenders shading nodes.

From those tools you should be able to generate the metallic roughness texture which babylonjs can use.

You can also try finding the right configuration using NME

Sure, substance is great but rather complex and far from being free. On the side of BJS, it will still channel to what’s available in BJS. As a newcomer, I would advise to rather learn about the materials in BJS and what’s available to set from the API. Without this understanding, setting materials in any third-party app might just end-up being even more confusing (of course, my opinion only :zipper_mouth_face:)

May be @Tulashi_Prasad_Joshi , you could start by having a look at the BJS friendly (and free) pbr mats site from cgbookcase.
Here you could download a set of textures for a similar material and see the various channels that make for the FX. As I said, apart from the base/albedo, you will essentially need the metallicRoughness and the bump/normal textures. You can start building from there based on a PBR or PBRMetallicRoughness mat and make use of 'the Inspector’ to twist and tweak the materials’ settings in ‘the playground’ in real-time.

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