Bug/Feature Gltf support for a mesh having a bone as parent

I just learned that if you want a mesh to be attached/behave like a child of a bone in Babylon you have to do it in this way.
mesh.attachToBone(bone, meshOfSkeleton)

Reading through a Blender exported gltf, it seems, that gltf and the Blender exporter support having a mesh being a child of a bone.

Could we extend the gltf loader to properly call the attachToBone function in this scenario? Currently it does not seem to do that.


Do you have an example where this doesn’t already work? I’m not calling attachToBone, but the nodes are animated in a way that should support whatever glTF supports, including mesh being a child of a bone.

Yes. Here: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#JUKXQD#122

The box is a child of the bone in the blender file (link in the comments)

If I just load it, it doesn’t work. I have to manually attach it.

This isn’t a loader issue to me. The glTF you referenced has the Bone as a sibling of the Cube. If the Cube node were a child of the Bone node, then it does work.

Modified example with Cube as a child of Bone.
bone.zip (1.4 KB)

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Sorry, you’re totally right, i got that wrong. So I would need to ask the people in the Khronos repo whether they would implement that? Because in the blender file the box is definitely a child of the bone, I doublechecked that.

Yeah, sounds like a blender export issue.

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In case someone has a similar issue:

This has already been fixed in the master branch of the gltf2 blender exporter.
At least the blender version I downloaded some days ago didn’t include that feature, yet.

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