Bug or strange behavior HolographicButton and rendering groups


Please comment string 27 (with setting up renderingGroupId) and compare results.

Perhaps it is a bug or not? All buttons on layer 2 lose text (and icons).

Task - interface must be render on top render layer, but… i do mistake or it is a bug?

this only changes the rendering group id of the main mesh but not all the meshes involved in a button which would be more like:


This uses private fields so not that good and I wonder if we should add the notion of rendering group to the gui 3d controls: @Deltakosh ?

Thank you for answer, but, really we cant use private propertyes - is bad practice.
3D interface “on-top” scene layers IMHO can be useful

Exactly why I asked @Deltakosh before adding official support :slight_smile:

I’m all for that :slight_smile:
Fancy doing a PR (should be straightforward to add the property on the button itself)?

(Or just create an issue on the forum so I won’t forget to add it)

I will add it in my next nightlty in a couple of hours :slight_smile:

All good you can now use renderingGroupId directly on the holographicButton


Thank you!!!