Holographic button not displaying textures

Hello Guys,

My menu system is built using BABYLON.GUI.GUI3DManager and BABYLON.GUI.HolographicButton has broken. It works fine before entering WebXR, but the buttons strangely disappear once WebXR starts.

Here is a PG

Ho no!

assigning it to me, i’ll test it and get back to you. Thanks for reporting!

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Hey @RaananW is this the same issue at your end??

Sorry, frogot to write - I can reproduce an issue with the playground - there is a different view direction for both eyes. I am still investigating why this is happening.

I would say this - this is not a bug, as the holographic button is not meant to be used this way (changing its materials/properties this way). I still wonder what can be done to get it to work.

Using the material directly and not replacing it would result in (probably? :slight_smile: ) what you want to achieve - https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#P6AM1U#6

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it worked!! Thankyou @RaananW

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