[Solved] C4D to BJS Rotations Questions

I upload a glb file and play camera rotation animation using rotationQuaternion. In the sandbox, camera0 is associated with animation0_channel0 and animation0_channel1, and the animation play awesome.

In BJS, I load animation0_channel0 and animation0_channel1 and divingAnimationGroupCreated.addTargetedAnimation() to a new created FreeCamera. Then It seems the rotation mechanism of FreeCamera is different from camera0 in sandbox.

The beginning will cause FreeCamera to face up, while camera0 face down. At a middle point, FreeCamera backward, camera0 forward.

The following rotationQuaternion cause up in BJS, suppose down in C4D
{_isDirty: true, _x: 0.6087614297866821, _y: 0, _z: 0, _w: -0.7933533191680908}
The following rotationQuaternion cause backward in BJS, suppose forward in C4D
{_isDirty: true, _x: 0.12010496109724045, _y: 0, _z: 0, _w: -0.9927611947059631}

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The glb link: scene4_7CameraBaked_QA.glb - Google Drive

Maybe @Pryme8 will be able to help if he has some cycles left, as he wrote the C4D exporter.

I check the statistics of camera0 in the sandbox. It has some transforms there. I guess C4D to BJS importer works well, just I didn’t notice the transforms.

The C4D exporter was left in a pretty shotty state. GLB kind of killed the radio star… Where you able to figure out what you needed?

Thank you for helping. Based on the following setting, it properly exports the camera including the animation.

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