Camera glitches in pointer lock mode

I added a universal camera, but rotating the camera causes glitches randomly. I don’t know why this is happening.
The current behaviour is attached in the video below. The issue can be seen happening at 00:04, 00:07, 00:08

You can give it a try here .

I am unable to reproduce this. Seems to happen randomly?

Anyone else manages to reproduce the behavior? Can you provide steps to reproduce that?

Not able to repro either maybe @PolygonalSun would have more luck

I was also unable to repro. My understanding of how to attempt to repro this is to point the camera down and rotate while in pointerlock. Is that correct or are there other steps? Additionally, what browser are you using?

I am using Chrome 95.0.4

I just keep moving the mouse horizontally and it happens randomly.