Camera perspective with object rotation on the same axis

Hello guys i am having a problem where i am creating planes on the same y and z axis with same space between them on the x-axis

the problem is that the rotation of the planes is not consistent visually, how i can make them have a consistent rotation visually

A more detailed explanation is needed

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I suspect you understood it correctly (likely from the commented lines in the PG? :wink:).

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okay, so the goal is to have the planes have the same tilt visually.
in the playground, I sent the planes that have the same rotation on the same axis y and z with space between them on the x
if you zoom out a bit you could see that their tilt is different from the first one on the left to the right one but they have the same y rotation.
I am asking if there is a function or option to make them look that they have the same tilt from the first one till last and my camera is static no alpha beta radius they constant i didn’t add it to the pg

Am I understanding this the right way?

PointerEventTest | Babylon.js Playground (
I guess you need orthogonal mode, perspective view because the near is large and far is small, so unless it is in the exact same position, even if the pose is exactly the same, there will be visual difference in posture.

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@11128 @xiehangyun
in my case i can’t use orthogonal mode, i am looking for a function that will take array of the planes from left to right and re-enter their rotation values to end up having the same rotation visually,
like the first book rotation is 1 the next is 1.1 the next 1.2 based on a formula, to have the same visual rotation in the end

From the perspective of a vertical frustum, it probably looks like this. But in reality it shouldn’t be that simple.

This case may be helpful to you:
Sprites Examples | Babylon.js Playground (

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