Camera properties reset if browser not visible at load

I use an ArcRotateCamera and at startup I set alpha and beta to get a custom start angle. This works nicely provided the view is visible at load. However, if the load is done of screen alpha and beta are reset when the view is eventually viewed.

Any suggestions to someone who’s new to Babylon? :slight_smile:

Hi @Linus,

want to share an example and a way to reproduce this?

I tried now to replicate it in Sandbox, but didn’t manage. It could be that the sandbox does not allow me to recreate the exact circumstances

Will be hard to help without understanding how the scene initializes. Any code you can share? can you deploy your code somewhere (unminified)?

Yeah… trying to figure out some way to give you something useful…

I have now managed to create a Playground:

It seems changing target of the camera after setting alpha/beta but BEFORE a frame is rendered makes alpha/beta not be respected.