Linking 2 Scenes together for Viewcube

Hi Guys, I’m rather new to babylonjs so please pardon the noob question. I’m trying to make a scene with a viewcube. I found an older project in which they linked the cameras like the following…

        sceneAxisView.activeCamera.alpha = scene.activeCamera.alpha;
        sceneAxisView.activeCamera.beta = scene.activeCamera.beta;

However, when I attempt to use the same code snippet with the latest babylon code, there is no Alpha or Beta under the activeCamera. How can I do the same thing?


Have you made sure you’re using an ArcRotateCamera? Not all cameras are created equal, and others won’t have the alpha or beta property as it describes the camera’s position in an orbit around the target.


Yes both scenes utilize the ArcRotateCamera

In that case, we would need to see the code in order to help debug it. Can you create a minimal reproduction in the Babylon.js Playground?

Please include only the necessary code to make it as easy as possible for others to troubleshoot the issue.