camera.useAutoRotationBehavior when I use detach methods to stop auto rotate, how can I restart rotate?

Once again i’ll point out that providing screenshots and asking a question in the title will not help us help you.

Reproduce on the playground (, explain exactly what you are doing, and then we might be able to help.


OK , this is playground

This is the default arc rotate behavior. When pointer down is triggered it stops and then starts after.
When you are recreating this behavior and detaching the behavior during a pointer down, the pointer up is not triggered in the behavior and is therefor blocking further execution.

So this:

test | Babylon.js Playground (

and this:

test | Babylon.js Playground (

work the same.

Note that the solution in #9 is using private variables and is not recommended.

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Thank you very much! This way resolve my problem , haha !