Can 2 particle systems share a draw call?


Coming from a Unity background, it is possible for 2 particle systems to share a draw call if they use the same material. In BabylonJS however, it seems I can only apply the texture to a particle system and not a material so it seems no batching can occur. The only way I can think to combine 2 particle effects is to double the emission rate and use a custom emitter, this will work in my current case but might not work for all. So my question: is there any other way to combine 2 particle effects with the same texture into 1 draw call?

I’ve created a Playground example HERE

Thank you!

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There is not at the moment but this is a nice optimization.

@Deltakosh loves those kind of optims :wink:

Definitely a good idea!

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Particle systems with the same material should share draw call · Issue #13049 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js ( created an issue so we can prioritize :slight_smile: