Can BABYLON.SceneLoader loading screen be customized?

Not disabled and have a custom html instead…

Hello and welcome!

There is the chapter in the Documentation with a lot of explanations - Creating Custom Loading Screens | Babylon.js Documentation


Thanks :slight_smile: i actually found it to be an overkill solution and created something great.
Maybe users here should do it.

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ShowLoadingScreen = false;

//Disable default loader

     BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("3d/scenes/", "condo7.gltf", scene, function (result) {
          $("#loader").delay(2000).animate({height: "hide"}, 430, "easeInCirc", function(){}); 

//this line goes inside the loaded scene

On another file or the same one, i have a loader div

<div id="loader"><h3>loading...</h3></div>

that covers the page, when the scene is loaded it animates the loader div out to reveal the page underneath. The loader can have any html / JS you want.

Very simple - very effective.


Thank you very much for sharing. This helped a lot, since the “standard” version really is overkill.