Can I render a scene to a PhotoDome image?

When I have a beautiful scene, I want to render it as an image, then in another scene, use the image as a PhotoDome image(It means I can use the image url as a argument of new BABYLON.PhotoDome() ), can it achieve?

An interesting attempt would be to change the camera’s fov to 90 degrees and take 6 square screenshots in 6 different directions. Not sure if anyone has achieved that yet. Here is a naive and untested approach:

Screenshots | Babylon.js Playground (

You will then need to make sure your canvas is square.

The order of the images are px, pz, nx, nz, py, ny

There might be a few small stitching issues, and might be a few lighting issues, but this should get you started :slight_smile:

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I think it is what you want:


I was gonna suggest exporting via GLB to Blender to get the equirectangular camera they have, but probably going to have lighting recreation / adjustment to do. Definitely try this first.

For future searchers, if your scene is already coming entirely from Blender, it might be desire-able to do it there though, since just pushing buttons & no coding.

Same for Maya. @PatrickRyan was generating .hdr’s, like the Studio environment texture from there, so a .jpg instead should probably also be possible.

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