Can I repeat a texture from only a section of the image?

Hopefully, this makes sense, but let’s say I have a part of a model whose UVs are assigned to a subsection of a texture. Is it possible to make this texture repeating using code? The use case would be that only the albedo texture would repeat (think of a flower pattern) while the bump and metallic/roughness would not. We’re looking into the simplest approach but just confirming that this is an option.

Not sure to understand what you mean by repeat using code ?

but my guess is that you would need a special way probably node material editor or custom shader to do so/

What I mean is that if a UV unwrap uses the full 1x1 of the texture, I can just set repeat u and v wrap and it will tile. However, what if I want to target only a small square of the texture? My concern is that the texture will look pixelated if we don’t tile it. Right now we’re just brainstorming so I was curious if this was possible. I know we can use sprites so that may be the solution, but still looking at the problem.

That was definitely one of our ideas as well!

You can definitely do that with NME! :smiley: Babylon.js Node Material Editor (

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