Can I use model file and independent bones animations file to swicth animation?

Now I can export babylon file from maya. The babylon file contains model and all bone animations with 2000 frames.

But the babylon file is too large and can’t be used in phone webpage.

I want to export model file and indepentdent bone animation file like unity, so at the same time I only need to load model file and a bone animation file.

Is there anyway to export indepentdent bone animation and work with model file?

Have you tried to export to a .glb instead of a .babylon file? Maybe the file will be smaller…

Also, there are tools to make .glb files smaller (like gltfpack).

cc @PatrickRyan, I don’t know if we can export animation data separately from mesh data with Maya.

@xiaopangoo, if you export two files, one with Export Animations unchecked and another with Export Animations and Export Animations Only checked, you will be able to separate your mesh and animations.


However, you will likely need to chop up your animations into separate files so you can async load them and get your base mesh and animation loaded first. If you change your timeline range, regardless of what animation curves are in your timeline, you can export only a portion of the timeline in one file.

As you can see here there is curve data for nearly 720 frames, but I have only selected the first 60 frames. Make sure that the left-most input field and right-most input field contain you frame range as this tells Maya how much of the timeline is active. The inner input fields next to these tell Maya what the play range is for playing within Maya. By setting the timeline active range, you can control what part of the timeline is exported, so you will be able to slice your single timeline in to many clips if needed.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. I succeed in exporting only model file and sperate animation files.

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