Can I use my own URL for a babylon.js game?

Hi, I’m choosing between playcanvas and babylon.js to make a browser-based interactive music-experience/game. Leaning toward babylon.js because of larger community/documentation, but I need to know if it’s possible to host a bablylon.js game from my own URL, and if so, how to do that.

Thanks for answering this newb question :nerd_face:

Yes you can, you just need to register your domain name and setup a webserver. There are very many ways to do this I suggest you get yourself an account on a hyperscaler like Azure or GCP and just use their services

Great, thanks!

If this can help, you can take a look in a tutorial I’ve made, where the demo is hosted on my own FTP. The setup of my files structure is very simple, and can be downloaded here.

Wow super, thanks so much!

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super helpful tutorial @Vinc3r :bowing_man: … I will go through it at the weekend for learning on exporting things. Thank you

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