Can I host BabylonJS on my private server and use it

Hi, Team…

So the big folks at my firm do not want to have links that are hosted on public servers. I was using play-ground for a year now and it is a fantastic tool. I was wondering if I can host it on my private aws/azure account and use it.

Can I?

Nipun David

Pinging @sebavan, I don’t know how the database / web site hosting the PGs is handled.

There is no db needed in case of playground - What I have done so far…I checkout entire babylonJS repo on my machine then I followed read me file and with the help of gulp in tools I was able to run the entire repo on my machine I navigated to the playground and created a URL saved it and open the same URL in in-cognito and it was working fine…I believe there is no DB to save the URL some other method is used

I may be wrong but these are my observations.

Nipun David

The PG uses a rest API to store all the code on public servers. Each time you use the playground regardless of the server hosting it, it relies on all the scripts being publics and all the PG actual code being public.


Gotcha so saving is handled by the PG itself which is great.
Now I am am trying to strip out only playground from the babylonJS repo and darn! there are so many tasks and more tasks e.g. the gulp, the webpack… is there a easy way just to run and deploy the PG without being a JS guru…?

Nipun David

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@sebavan may confirm, but I don’t think there’s an easy way to just extract one sub-system of Babylon.

Anyway, in the playground case you would need all the components (or so) because it uses them all: inspector, gui, loaders, exporters, material libraries and so on.

To do so you would need to move the playground folder to your own repo, add a ts config, wepack config and package.json as for us all the tools are shared to simply our dev loop working cross projects.

Also you would need to add all the extra dependencies like babylon gui and so on as npm dep in your new project.