Can someone help with the character jumping animation?

@TheNosiriN has created this fantastic Thrid persone controller with beautiful environment. But the jumping part seems not finished yet. Can someone help with this? I have been working on the jumping part for weeks but can’t get it sorted, mainly around the jumping animation.

Hey @Allan_Liang - First and foremost, welcome to the community! It’s sincerely great to have you here!

Have you checked out this doc?

It goes through the journey of using Mixamo animations in Babylon.

This could be a good way to grab jump animations and then add them into the character controller.

It also covers animation blending in case you might need to blend in and out of a new jump animation:

I hope this helps steer you in a direction!

If one would uncomment in the original example the code dedicated to jumping there will be the possibility to jump pressing the Space key -
But it will stop other animations to run after; shouldn’t be difficult to fix somewhere in the code.

Thanks @labris for the reply. As you can see from the PG, the character is playing the animation but without actually moving Y position. That is what I am struggling with - how to actually jump up and fall down with proper animation?

HI @Allan_Liang an welcome to the forum. Unfortunately it is not clear to me what you are trying to achieve. The animation in the playground is for a character that jumps on the spot. Do you want a different type of jump? Could you be more descriptive in what you want your character to do when it jumps?


Thanks everyone for the help. Finally I have achive this by modifing the BabylonJS-CharacterController: GitHub - ssatguru/BabylonJS-CharacterController: A CharacterController for BabylonJS