Character control collision problem

I’m having a problem with the character colliding with the navigation mesh model.
The model goes up on the y-axis in the first advance. As it progresses, it detects other elevations and rises, but cannot descend.
What I want to do is for the character to move on the model. Working of up and down movements. How can I solve this?

Playground Demo

Did you check out @ssatguru’s brilliant character control library yet? He elegantly solved most movement problems there, so this is something you can use right away for your meshes or just learn from it and build your own controller

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Thanks for your answer. This solution has no compatibility with Babylonjs v5. Also no mobile device support.

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! As per the discussion there, the only thing needed is to update the imports on the CharacterController file:

So you could even help contribute to the original project :grin:

I would also recommend testing out with a simpler model first, with just one ramp or something similar. This helps narrow down what’s causing the issue.