Can we achieve the same thing in BabylonJS

The below demo captures a 360 degree image of the scene. Can we do it in Babylon JS?
Thanks in advance.

not yet but this is a good idea
Pinging @sebavan


I love the idea, i ll see what i can do after my vacations :slight_smile:

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I knew you will like it :smiley:

@Subrahmanya_Chakrava would you be willing to create a PR for it ?

I can definitely help you with it.

It would basically mean doing the opposite of Babylon.js/panoramaToCubemap.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub in a cubemapToPanorama.ts file.

Then you could couple it with a reflectionProbe and Boooom :slight_smile:

I can definitely help you if you are interested. I am really short on my current tasks for 4.0 so I can not add more to them atm.