Cannon.js Fixed joints connected body delay

Hello, I’m having an issue moving a physics (Cannon.js) object with connected joints.
I need to change the impostor position to the desired vector without applying force or impulse immediately.

However, when I move the target object with a gizmo, for example, I can see that the connected object (LockJoint) behaves like a spring or interpolated like with lerp delay.

Here’s the playground - try to move an object by X axis:

I don’t see the same issue in Ammo.js for example, but I need to be able to run it in Cannon environment

If you update the positions using forces instead of directly, it seems to behave as expected: Joint Example | Babylon.js Playground ( Usually, you get physics to behave better when you update them only via physics, as updating the positions directly kind of “breaks” the simulation for a little bit.

Thank you and appreciate your response.

In my case, I have to move the key point to the defined position instantly and calculate the physics for the joined object. So applying the force won’t give me a precise Vector position instantly

It might be a good idea to ask around the cannon project repo then: schteppe/cannon.js: A lightweight 3D physics engine written in JavaScript. (, maybe they know of some attribute that can be set to get what you need. We only expose cannon for integration, so we can’t change anything in how it behaves. :slightly_frowning_face: