Cannon physics: possible bug in alpha.17

Hi Folks,

this playground doesn’t work with cannon physics and current latest (v4.2.0-alpha.17). It seems that the ground-plane gets rotated when assigning the impostor. If you switch to 4.1.0 it works fine. On my local dev-environment it even works with v4.2.0-alpha.16.
I’ve noticed there was a commit to cannon plugin src/Physics/Plugins/cannonJSPlugin.ts a couple of days ago maybe this has something to do with this issue.

Seems to be an issue with the view of the plane impostor. Di dyou really mean to use plane impostor? The box impostor is usually much more suitable:

I will check the issue with the plane impostor very soon

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

I used PlaneImpostor only for the sake of simplicity to demonstrate the issue. This problem seems to exist also for HeightMapImpostor

yes, the transformation is applied incorrectly on first frame. Working on fixing that :slight_smile:

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