Cannot add mouseWheelInput after calling clearInputs on FreeCamera


I want to add and remove the mouse and mouseWheel input in my application.
To be consistent I call camera.inputs.clear to remove all inputs. Then, depending on states i add the mouse and mouseWheel.
The mouse will be added but i cannot scroll with the mouseWheel after calling addMouseWheel()
Here is my playground where i add and remove the inputs.

As you can see you can use the mouse but no mouse wheel, but i added both in line 23-24 and attach my control after clearing the inputs

Welcome abroad! ccing the king of inputs @PolygonalSun

I had some time looking into the methods. In the clear call, the _mouseInput is reset, but the _mouseWheelInput not. Therefore when i want to add the mouseWheelInput, the Input is already there. Thus no new input is created. But i guess that in the clear method the mouseWheelInput got disabled so i end up without the mouse wheel.
My best guess would be to reset the mouseWheelInput in the clear method to get a “whole” clear of the inputs.