Cannot find module 'babylonjs/Meshes'

When trying to update babylonjs version 5.35.1 I get typescript compilation errors in babylonjs code starting with version 5.36.0. For version 5.50.1 the error message is:

node_modules/babylonjs/babylon.module.d.ts:87508:45 - error TS2307: Cannot find module ‘babylonjs/Meshes’ or its corresponding type declarations.

87508 import { TransformNode, AbstractMesh } from “babylonjs/Meshes”;

If I change the line to:

import { TransformNode } from “babylonjs/Meshes/transformNode”
import { AbstractMesh } from “babylonjs/Meshes/abstractMesh”

everything is fine again.

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We’ve had some typescript version changes recently, @RaananW will know if it’s related.

let me check that :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting

Will be fixed shortly - Import fix for UMD modules typing by RaananW · Pull Request #13624 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (
Thanks again :slight_smile: