Cannot get WebXRCamera position or realWorldHeight

I am desperately trying to find the position of my oculus headset using WebXRCamera but it does not work at all.
I used getFrontPosition(), realWorldHeight(2) but it always returns (0,0,2) and 0, no matter if I move the headset.
I’m using the webxr api emulator on chrome to debug, it can maybe be part of the problem.
I’m made a simple playground to illustrate the problem, I display the results in the console (using chrome emulator), when using the squeeze button of the right controller.

If you have any idea…

If you use the default experience helper you will need to use its camera in order to get the right location:

WebXR_motion controller input | Babylon.js Playground (

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It works perfectly, thanks a lot !!!
I’ve been blocked for 3 days…