Can't figure out how to export shape keys actions with Blender to Babylon.js

Hello, I have trouble with exporting shape keys actions from blender to Babylon js with the exporter. I want to make a string animation and export it in Babylon and play it.
This is the Blender file, I have in total 3 actions. Two for the cylinder and one for the cube(this is for testing to see if the actions are exported correctly)

On the sandbox, I can see the cube vertical action and play it but I can’t see any action on the cylinder.

On cube:

On Cylinder:

Here is a link with the blend file and the .babylon exported file. (119.4 KB)

I tried to make a workaround, to have an armature that was linked with the shape key by a driver and to have a regular action for that armature, it blender it worked, but after I exported it with the exporter when I played the action in the sandbox nothing happened. (122.0 KB)

@JCPalmer is definitely the blender exporter King, I bet he ll be able to help soon-ish but do not forget it is a vacation period so you might have to be patient :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you for your reply

I just downloaded your file and exported it to gltf, shapekey animation was present in babylonjs-sandbox and also this gltf-Viewer. So i guess this is okay so far?

You might want to start / stop the animation manually using babylonjs’ animation utilities?

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The .babylon file format does not support shapekey animation AFAIK. It does export the keys though, as you have found You could facilitate the animation a number of ways after load without much trouble, since you only show one key from your picture.

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Thank you, it works with the gltf export.
Thanks, I understand.

As for a little more background, I want to do an oscillation movement with the string. I have found another way to do that these days using Babylon.js updatable pipe.
Like I did in this playground:

The question is: Does it have some negative performance impact if I use the string with gltf export or the string with .babylon export? Or should I use the pipe from Babylon.js?

if you have no particular need for a custom model go with the utils provided by babylonjs, i’d say. One would also not import a box model for example i guess.

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Dont forget to post your result here if you like :slight_smile:

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