Can't figure out how to position imported objects rotations

Hi, I want to position some imported objects in the scene, for that, I used the debugLayer.
I rotated my object as I wanted and in the rotation transformation box it says at z the number -125
as you can see in this picture

Then I used that number that I found (-125) to position my mesh but it positions it completely wrong. And the z number is a big number, not -125 that I typed.

The playground link: Babylon.js Playground

Something like that? -

yeah, thanks. But how did you guess that value(400 z)? Why does the inspector is showing a totally different value(22918z)?

The idea is that I want to position multiple elements inside my scene and If I stay to eyeball the code it will take a lot of time because the inspector shows wrong values and I can’t use the gizmo’s from the debugLayer.

The best thing is to upload all your models to Blender or another 3D content editor and make all necessary tunings there, then save as one file.
Also note, that the hand which is displayed in your example is the left hand (I suppose it should be the right one).

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Thanks for the tip, I will move my objects into a single blender file.

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