Cant get spatial audio to work with my Vehicle Audio class

So here is the non-spatial example:

You need to click the scene and unmute the tab to hear anything.

What is supposed to happen is you slide the slider up and down the RPMs go up and the engine audio changes.

All this works when the sounds are not attached to meshes.

But for some reason when attaching them to meshes everything just stops working.
I know you cant manually control the gain know when they are attached to a mesh and spatial audio is on with a custom attenuation method, but even adjusting my attenuation method the engine audios do not become spatial.

The tire skidding sound works fine.
Here is the playground with the broken spatial audio:

Just need some ideas on how to set this up so I can have my dynamic engine sound but also have it attached and working correctly spatially.

I ended up having to do some weird stuff to the customAttenuation method, to get it to return expected values but now those seem to not be effecting the sounds?
0 should be no volume id assume?

Also it seems like the customAttenuation only fire once every half second or so? How do increase this rate?

So Andy, how is the play and stop thing working out for you for things like skidding. I was having an issue with that for my driving and end up always playing and using adjusting the pitch or playback rate to actually make the skidding for may cars when you hard hand brake. But your skidding sound seems fine when you quickly start and stop the skidding

That part is working great actually! I just have that being set with the isSkidding prop on the car class on each update and it seems to work fine.

cc @docEdub

You can change the update rate to scene.audioPositioningRefreshRate = 1; The default is 500 ms.

I don’t think the example playground is doing what you want. The engine sound URL is set to the idle sound, and the custom attenuation functions make the sound louder when it is farther away.

See if the fixes in do what you want.

hmm it must have been the refresh rate was throwing me off?