Can't load babylon type files exported from 3dstudio

I have tested downloaded babylon files in *.babylon format and they are working , but any file exported from max (1.4.2 V) in not being loaded into scene.
Im using this to load and add button on/off for that mesh:

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", “./”, “parter.babylon”, scene, function (myMeshesOne) {

var b_parter = document.createElement(‘buttons’); = “parter”;
b_parter.textContent = “Parter”;
b_parter.onclick = function() {
// Show/Hide myMeshOne
for (mesh of myMeshesOne)
mesh.setEnabled((mesh.isEnabled() ? false : true));

This button fully works only for *.babylon files . My *glb files i can export, load into scene and use hide button but show function is not working, thats why i wanted *.babylon format. Im stuck.

Hello I’m not sure what is the problem? Do you have issue loading files exported from 3dsmax (which format? babylon or gltf)?

Or do you have an error with your button for gltf? Can you please elaborate a bit more?

Can you also provide the file that has an issue?

Here is scene im working on:

first button loads skull.babylon asset - working ok
second button loads my babylon file (box) exported from 3dsudio - not loading (1.4 KB)
third button loads my glb file - file loads but button only hides mesh

Would it be possible for you to try to install the latest 1.5.0 ?

At least it would help narrowing the issue. If it does not work, could you share your max scene and export settings so that we could try to repro the issue ?

Ok but where is 1.5 to download?

@swavec, here is the link for the instructions on how to get the new installer for our DCC tools. The installer will update the exporters for both 3ds Max and Maya and is the easiest way to stay up to date.

I think the problem is scale. I have set up my scene to glb files but now that i need babylon for my buttons to work, object exported to babylon format is like 100 times bigger and so beyond camera to see. So file is loading but scale is different than glb files.

Hi, i have updated exporter to 20190628.11 and now babylon format is smaller but glb are tiny.