Can't see loaded GLB (can in glitch and in playground), what do you commonly check for? and how?

what are the reasons one couldn’t see a loaded GLB, I’ve gotten this working in the playground and in glitch, but now my mesh has disappeared

  1. it’s not transparent and has a material
  2. the mesh is set to is visible
  3. the scaling is appropriate
  4. it has no mask

how do you go about walking through solving an invisible mesh problem?

when I console log it I can see it

for some reason the scene inspector is also not working, but throws no errors, it just doesn’t appear

it appears to be randomly appearing and disappearing when I restart the page; very odd, never seen behavior like this before… oh I figured out exactly what it is… I have an “eraser robot” that goes around erasing meshes, and it is erased this mesh, I forgot to add it to the do not erase function. :stuck_out_tongue:

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