Canvas dom with position absolute still at screen center when focused

Hi, guys.
steps cause the problem:
Open a PG page, find the div with id “canvasZone”, set position:absolute; top: 300px;. Click somewhere except the div then click the div. You will find the div is still at screnn center.
Is there any way to avoid this? Any help would be appriciated.

Welcome aboard!

It’s more a CSS question than a Babylon one!

Anyway, I reproduced your steps (in Chrome) and the div is not at the center, it is at the far left and Y=300px (where it should be after the CSS changes).

The strange thing is there is no CSS changes. I have compared the CSS before and after clicking the div, and it was absolutely the same. There should be some code cause this, but I just can’t find out.
And if I set top to 0 then 300px, it will return normal.

Here’s what I have after I perform the steps: