Casio Watch virtual simulation display

Casio Watch virtual simulation design exercise.The materials and light and shadow effects in babylon.js are great. It’s easy to show a good texture.!


w00t !!! it looks pretty Is it smthg deployed somewhere we can try @zhengzhilee ?

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These look positively luxurious! Great work! :heart_eyes:

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Wow, this is stunning work, well done!

Thank you for your praise

Thank you for your compliment

From your website I tried to see your demo, but it throws an error: window.interface.addModel is not a function

@Vinc3r I had the same comment in another thread where it also seem to be based on three.js and not Babylon

So either we do not use the right page or @zhengzhilee is on the wrong forum :slight_smile:

That would be interesting :slight_smile:

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Any news on that topic @zhengzhilee ?

Thank you for watching. Even if there is no update on the website, you can experience it by clicking the website below, preferably on the computer.

Thank you for your attention. The website has not been updated. You can click the website below to experience. My English is not good, if there is something wrong, please understand.

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Thank you for your attention. There is no update in the page. Click the following website to watch it. It’s best to watch it on the computer.

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Thanks @zhengzhilee !!!