3D demonstration of real Hi-Fi system made with Babylon.js

Hello everybody,

We are glad to present the 3D demonstration of real Hi-Fi system made with Babylon.js.
Model: Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation (Hi-Fi wireless system).
Here is the testing prototype (in production version there is much less GUI buttons in order not to give extra choice :).
GUI is created with plain HTML/CSS (here - not optimized for mobiles).
Visitors can change with buttons such parameters as texture color or texture presence (‘Grille OFF’ button), environment light, background and toggle autorotation.
See console messages.

And yes, a bit of animation - ‘Show LED’ button stops camera rotation and moves it to the best position to show Status LED, flashing with white, red and purple colors.

Production version (less buttons but much nicer look and responsiveness) is here - https://mu-so.ru/3d/v2/

Integrated through iframe into product page (below the first text block) https://mu-so.ru/second.html

Babylon.js rendering is very good! Even inspite the relatively small size of GLTF model (about 11 Mb and about 2 Mb additional textures) and some inevitable texture and geometry compromisses the result looks very similar to real object, even at large displays. Glass postament and glass wheel interface of the model have beautiful optical effects. Some glow (intensity 0.4) was added as the final touch for realistic view.
One can search Google images for “Mu-so 2nd Generation” and compare the quality of model and rendering. I bet that it is possible with Babylon.js to make screenshots which would look better than some real photos!

Interesting thing is that just a week ago we even didn’t know about Babylon.js. All questions and answers at this forum, examples, playground and sandbox are real help to master almost infinite 3D possibilities of Babylon.js. Thank you!

This model will be used in our next 3D project - ‘Quick Setup’, designed to inform, educate and help users to perform all actions necessary to use this wireless soundbar.
We would be grateful for your comments :slight_smile:


This is really good!

I love that feedback…pinging @PirateJC

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This is so awesome to hear! Welcome to the Babylon Family! So glad your first experiences have been pleasant. As you’ve already seen, the forum is friendly place and we’re all here to help each other!

Thanks for showing us your work too! So cool to see what you came up with.

Help us spread the word about your experience! We’re always trying to grow our family :slight_smile:

Just to continue this topic - the 3D model and the script are now embedded at the landing page of Pult.ru (one of the biggest audio equipment retailers in Russia) and had more than 10000 views already.
Status LED are still blinking :slight_smile: