Change beta value for arcrotatecamera on mouse wheel

I need to achieve the movement of the camera like in this demo Infinitown | A WebGL Experiment by Little Workshop
I already managed to move the camera without having the target in the center of the scene with this code Babylon.js Playground but I can’t change the beta value when zooming.
Does anyone know how to achieve it?
Thanks a lot.

Hello and welcome!

Here is the small example how to change beta value (you may need to tune it and add some conditions) -

scene.onPrePointerObservable.add( function(pointerInfo, eventState) {
// your code
}, BABYLON.PointerEventTypes.POINTERWHEEL, false);

Another example of changing ArcRotate camera values on mousewheel -

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Thanks @labris, i’m going to try and then I’ll tell you how it was