Change movespeed of the camera when dragging with the mouse

I couldn’t finde a way to increase the speed of the camera when dragging it with the right mouse button.
Do i Have to program it myself or have I overlooked a property in the docs?

Pinging our input expert @PolygonalSun

Hey @Browork,

You can change the speed of your panning with Right-click by changing the panningSensibility value (the closer to zero it is, the faster it will move). You can change it for existing camera controls with the following line:

// Try to stay above 20
camera.inputs.attached.pointers.panningSensibility = 200;

Playground Example

By default, it’s set at 1000. Also, make sure not to set it to zero. You can also create custom inputs with the sensibility set to a specific value, if you don’t want to just use the existing camera’s inputs.