Changing the center of the Box-Mesh

Hello, I want the Box’s position to be relative to the bottom point of the box, not the center point of the box, as in the example in Pg and in the pictures. How can I change the center point of the Box and make it the central bottom corner. Please your help.

andre | Babylon.js Playground (

You use this method with false as the final parameter as in the breaking change example

Explanation from older docs - all matrix examples from this old page require false as the final parameter to now work as suggested on that page.


Not working, sorry. I am trying to understand

Set a Pivot | Babylon.js Playground (


Sorry I forgot to add link to old docs in previous post. Have added it now.

Must have false as last parameter of setPivotMatrix not of the translation

In your example you have a 0 0, 0 translation this means no change at all.