Changing the coordinate system, so that Z is the up-vector?

I want to change the coordinate system to be XZY and the scenes should also load in that.
Like i could change the camera view point, but then all my scenes are rotated.
I could then rotate all meshes but wouldn’t that mean be a lot of rendering and resulting in a long/slow loading time?
Or does it not matter because rotating all meshes isn’t that complex and does not result in big problems?
Are there other options to achieve this?

Maybe you could add a Transformnode, scale it by - 1 on the desired axis and add all your meshes/cameras/lights/etc to this parent. You might run into trouble with absolute positions though.

Or you can write a small function which will scale by -1 a mesh, bake the vertices to that mesh and call it for all your meshes. However this will not further affect positioning of the meshes.

It depends what’s your primary goal.

It doesn’t matter, the mesh transformation matrix is applied regardless of it’s values but as I wrote you can bake the transformation back into the mesh. I am on phone, can’t provide the link, search for it yourself pls :sunglasses:

Thanks for your help, even when you were only at your phone…
So i tried some rotations and transformations and it did rotate and transform kinda well, but at the end not how i wanted. For me basically it only has to look like it fits so i just recolored the axes lol. I know not a clean solution but for now it does it’s job. Still thanks for your answer

Totally badass! :metal:

You are welcome dude!