Change standard XYZ coordinate system to XZY (like Blender etc.)?

So i am using CAD-Models made by standard CAD-Software or also Blender. They all use the XZY coordinate System so all models i load, do load in the correct orientation, but then the old z-up-vector gets the Y-up-Vector from babylon.

How can i achieve a coordinate system view like in CAD-Software tools or Blender?

I thougth about rotating all meshes, re-coloring the axes and more but yeah.
Best i can think of is rotating all meshes and rotating the camera view so the Z-Axis is up.
But that all feels like cheating and kinda wrong or isn’t it?
Are there other options?

Here a basic Playground: Babylon.js Playground
Here a picture of the Blender View:

There’s no right or wrong way in terms of coordinate systems, they’re all just a convention in the end so every system/software/framework ends up whichever is more convenient for them, so there’s a big variety: Freya Holmér on Twitter: “here, have a coordinate system chart~” / X

Any solution that works for you and is consistent internally is good enough :slight_smile: