Changing the orientation of TriPlanar material only for a certain axis


I made a TriPlanar material for cubic meshes. It works great except that I cannot use textures to show up in correct orientations on all sides.

The new “projectAsCube” allowed me to match all the other sides to align correctly except for those meshes/faces facing upward.

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What I want to achieve is to rotate the orientation of the material 90 degrees only on those faces whose normal aligns with the global Y axis, as shown in the attached image.

Is there any way I can do this?

Thanks in advance!

What you could do is to create a custom block, reuse the existing triplanar code and modify it to better fit your need.

We won’t be able to provide an implementation that works in all cases for everyone (and your case is quite specific).


I understand. Thanks for the pointers!