Why is triplanar implementation a material?

I was looking into triplanar and was a bit surprised to see it was a material and not a texture.

Why is this ?
In other engines / software it’s mainly a texture.

Well it maybe tough to make it a texture in this case (unless I’m missing something) as it requires multiple textures.
Furthermore the triplanar material also support normal and diffuse.

I think I get the overall idea of having it as a texture but then it will require specific code to read it in all shaders, right?

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I ask this because I’m used to use it in 3ds Max with Vray or even with the standard 3ds max map.
I see this more as a texture node that will use a different way to map it to the object.

I’m not sure what it will require behind the scene to work everywhere. I supposed it would work independantly.

Unfortunately it requires code in all shaders to read from multiple textures. So it is definitely not trivial.
But this could be easily addressed with a new feature coming in 4.1: Create a node based system for material · Issue #6012 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub