ChatGPT Helper Bot

Hello community! :smiley:

Most of you are probably aware of the exciting new advancements that have been occurring in the area of AI, especially its usage as a tool to help access and distribute knowledge. In this spirit, and knowing how much the community is growing, we’re testing out a new tool - A ChatGPT-powered bot :robot: that will help answer questions here on the forum. We’ll still be the one answering the questions, the tool is only here to help us be more productive and be able to answer more questions as the community keeps growing. And this is just an experiment :test_tube: for now, so things can always change up a bit. Hopefully it’s going to be a good experiment, and we’ll keep exploring :computer: how AI can help us do more and more!


Wow interesting! There’s a lot of knowledge hidden in all the answers given on the forum over the years so it could be good :smiley: Seems like a great use-case for ChatGPT!
Would the bot always give answers? Or will there be a way to summon it? :smiley:

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Since we’re just starting the experiment for now only the team will be able to summon it, but as we refine it more and more hopefully we’ll make it more available!

I know I can get great advice from ChatGPT alone at this point.
On top of that, having access to the Forum’s knowledge base would help even better.

For reference, below are some of the Babylon.js techniques taught to ChatGPT.