Checkbox look the same regardles checked value

Hello everyone, I just noticed that if the color of a Checkbox is not set, there are no visual changes whether it’s checked or not.

I have some degree of color blindness so I would like to apologize in advance if something is changing but I cannot see it.

Example playground (I only removed the line where the color is defined.

I don’t see a color change, you are not alone ! :slight_smile:
cc @carolhmj

Oooh, that’s because the color is transparent when not set, so checking it really does not show any visual difference :sweat_smile: I’m a bit unsure if we should have a default value for that case, maybe white, what do you think @RaananW ?

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Ha… that’s a good one.
We need to find two contrasting colors and use then as default values. I’m good with white!

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PR in: If checkbox’s default color is not set, use white. by carolhmj · Pull Request #14742 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (